Yuncong Hu(胡云聪)

Ph.D. Candidate

UC Berkeley


Hi! I am a CS Ph.D. student in the UC Berkeley RISE Lab, where I am co-advised by Raluca Ada Popa and Alessandro Chiesa. My recent research interests are applied cryptography, decentralized systems and zero knowledge proofs.

I received my Bachelor degree at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2017 where I was a member of the ACM Honored Class.


Merkle^2: A Low-Latency Transparency Log System
Yuncong Hu, Kian Hooshmand*, Harika Kalidhindi*, Seung Jin Yang*, Raluca Ada Popa (* co-secondary author)
IEEE Security and Privacy 2021

Marlin: Preprocessing zkSNARKs with Universal and Updatable SRS
Alessandro Chiesa, Yuncong Hu, Mary Maller, Pratyush Mishra, Noah Vesely, and Nicholas P. Ward (alphabetical order)

Ghostor: Toward a Secure Data-Sharing System from Decentralized Trust
Yuncong Hu*, Sam Kumar*, and Raluca Ada Popa (*co-primary author)
NSDI 2020

JEDI: Many-to-Many End-to-End Encryption and Key Delegation for IoT
Sam Kumar, Yuncong Hu, Michael P Andersen, Raluca Ada Popa, and David E. Culler
USENIX Security 2019